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We can meet in many places around the world!

My head is full of ideas. I organize a lot of events, projects and training. The range of these events is very wide, and I think that each participant may have one advantage.

Check the calendar of events that will take place soon.


The ultimate aim for me is to provide coaches, staff members and practitioners worldwide a like with the opportunity to become educated in all the football related areas of expertise.

See where we can talk about football.


Working in different places, with different age groups, with different levels of sophistication - I took centre stage, not only through the successful organisation of many goalkeeping courses and camps, but also because recognised the importance of laying the groundwork for the long-term development of "goalkeeper art".


Every visit to a country is not just a football pitch, course and training. It is also a must visit in the poorest neighborhoods, slums. It's long hours and days spent among children. I try to help. I want to help. 

See my ongoing projects under "Keepers Foundation", which I founded.


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