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I am happy that I could meet each of them.

It is a great honor - to be able to work with them.

Marek. Hai grande passione e ti stimo molto. Complimenti. Ho scaricato il tuo pezzo sulla psicocinetica. Molto bello. Complimenti.

Marek is an excellent goalkeeper trainer… Guarantee of success… 

Gianluca Spinelli, goalkeeper coach Chelsea FC (England), Genoa FC (Italy) and Italy National Team

Really like your passion and must admit i have great respect for everything you do and post! Keep up the good work! Looking forward to welcome you here one day!

Hans Leitert, coordinator goalkeepers training Red Bull Salzburg (Austria), FIFA Instructor

If you come to Italy I will be happy to have you for dinner and host a game on my team...

Corrado Saccone, Co-Preparatore Atletico S.S.C. Napoli (Italy)

Very nice to hear from you. It is unfortunate that the GK Conference in Ireland has been cancelled.  It would be good if you were at this event also. You would be very welcome to visit me at Manchester City.

Tim Dittmer, goalkeeper coach Manchester City (England)

Fantastic work. Congratulations. Thanks. Will be good to meet you in Portugal.

Hugo Oliveira, goalkeeper coach Benfica Lisbon (Portugal)

Marek made a great influance on my way of thinking about goalkeeping , he is wery determent to change old fashion GK training and to make one totaly new aproach to subject . I am shore that we will cooperate in future to!

Aleksandar Sarić Goalkeeper Coach of Serbian national team U-20 and Chicago Fire (USA)

That is great!!! Thanks a lot for everything!!!

Michael Rechner, coordinator training goalkeepers SG Hoffenheim 1899 (Germany)

Vous faites la démarche de venir voir le fonctionnement du RC Lens, je pense qu'il n'y aurait pas de soucis.

Jean Claude Nadon, goalkeeper coach RC Lens (France)

Many thanks for thinking of me. I have good knowledge of these subjects but always good to refresh the memory! All the very best.

Stephen Woods, goalkeeper coach Celtic Glasgow (Scotland)

Marek is a very professional goalkeeper coach, he work very well and with hard passion for this job.

Antonello Brambilla, goalkeeper coach Cagliari Calcio (Italy)

It is a great honor for me  - to meet you and that you shared your ideas and vision with us.

Daniel Correia, goalkeeper coach FC Porto (Portugal)

You have a great character as both a trainer and a man. I am grateful that we could meet each other.

Marco Knopp, goalkeeper coach Borussia Dortmund (Germany)

You are always welcome in our academy and we will always have time to talk about Ajax and football.

Rene Stam, goalkeeper coach Ajax Amsterdam (Netherland)

All the best with your coaching career. Regards, Hans.

Hans Vonk, goalkeeper National Team South Africa

Marek is an enthusiastic and professional coach. He never stops finding new ways to improve the level of his players, always learning and always sharing his knowledge. Definitely a huge asset to any team that has the luck of having him within the staff. 

Iñaki Samaniego, goalkeeper coach Orlando City (United States)

With your way of being and sense of humor, you're more suited to working in Spain than anywhere else. It's great that we can exchange our views and ideas and at the same time laugh.

Manu Sotelo, goalkeeper coach Deportivo La Coruna (Spain)

Thank you very much!

Paulino Granero Gil, physical preparation coach of CSKA Moscow (Russia)

Marek. This is really impressive what you do!

David Thiel goalkeeper coach Bayer Leverkusen (Germany)

You are always busy, how do you do that, you have so much energy and work in such a fantastic way?

Xavi Valero, goalkeeper coach Real Madrid (Spain)

Hope we can work together in the future…

Maarten Arts, goalkeeper coach Lierse SK (Belgium)

Thank you for everything. You enjoy our great trust and it is a great happiness that we can work together.

Ivan Kepcija, sport director Dinamo Zagreb (Croatia)

It is a great pleasure to meet you and be able to exchange experiences with you. I believe that we will always have a lot of time for it.

Ricardo Segarra, goalkeeper coach FC Barcelona (Spain)

I'm happy to hear from you regarding the project, and I believe this is the right timing to start something of this nature. I'm humbled that you want me to be a part of your great plans for the world of goalkeepers around the world.

Brian Baloyi, former goalkeeper National Team South Africa

Im really happy for you cherishing my good deeds and I promise never to fail you. And thank you very much for doing this for me, God bless you.

Adam Larsen Kwarasey, goalkeeper National Team Ghana

You are welcome sir. I will like to be part of it because goalkeeping is my job. I like it and want to great, so wish to hear from you for more details.

Fatau Dauda, goalkeeper National Team Ghana

Thanks so much coach.

Farouk Ben Mustapha, goalkeeper National Team Tunisia

Marek, nice job, excellent performance. Thanks a lot.

Jo Stock, Referent Torwarttrainer Ausbildung

Thanks mr Marek i really appreaciates you. I'm a goalkeeper and i played outside my country and i will like to learn more from your technic. Mr marek i really want too work with you and i beleive things will surelly work out. Thanks once again mr Marek.

John Dosu, goalkeeper National Team Nigeria

Very nice thing you have going on. Keep up the good work.

Kenny Stamatopoulos, goalkeeper National Team Canada

Am excited that i ll get more advanced training programes. Thanks i got the training exercises, am so happy because i now impore most of my reflex. So far if started training few exercises with my fellow keepers and i hope i take these exercises to the National team. Thanks very much.

Swadick Sanudi, goalkeeper National Team Malawi

We may work together for future, foreign trainer can work only in Super League. Thank you.

Hayrettin Gümüşdağ, coach Samsunspor Kulübü

Thank you very much for this material.

Ramiz Kerimov, goalkeeper coach instructor - Association of Football Federations of Azerbaijan

Thanks for the success. Its very nice of you trying to help people... Without asking something back wish there were more people like you. Thanks again.

Rodney Ubbergen, goalkeeper National Team Surinam


Fahad Masaod, Team Manager - Al Wahda FC (United Arab Emirates)

Thank you so much for documents. They are very well and useful… When you come to Turkey I'll give you my book (technic and tactical basic education for goalkeepers). Nice to talk with you.

Haluk Kaplan, goalkeeper coach Altayspor SK (Turkey)

Thank you for your time, all the many councils, both the court and in life. The consolation and comfort in moments of doubt and sharedthe joy of achievement. The faith that has infected me, in me and success.

Maciej Zając, goalkeeper AÓ Ayía Nápa, Cyprus

Thank you very much for assistance. As to what ever you can send me to use in helpping golakeepers i will accept it. And maybe one day you would get a chance to work with me and teaching me more, thank you once again.

Teon Nathaniel, goalkeeper National Team Antigua & Barbuda

I must admit I really like the sound of what you are doing. You are welcome Marek and thank you.

Andray Baptiste, goalkeeper National Team Grenada

Thank you very much, all the information and knowledge that we have capacity, to provide quality to our work. Bardzo dziękuję!

Luis Jose Santamaria Fernandez, goalkeeper coach Escuela de Porteros Zamora C.F. (Spain)

Marek is een hele goede keeperstrainer. Hij is in staat om steeds weer vernieuwingen in zijn keeperstrainingen door te voeren. Hierdoor wordt elke keeper beter van de trainingen bij Marek. Zijn keepersschool en visie op het keepen zijn een aanbeveling voor veel keepers en keeperstrainers.

Mark van Stipriaan, Keepercoach Keepersworld Alkmaar (Netherland)

Nice to hear from you. Here in South Africa we dont get much information on goalkeeping or training ideas. I'm interested in learning new training techniques as we do the same boring things all the time. I'll be greatfull for any assistance in bettering our training.

Calvin Marlin, goalkeeper National Team South Africa

Marek è una persona entusiasta del suo lavoro, competente, appassionato e preciso. Un vero professionista nel settore, aperto a esperienze uniche che arricchiscono le sue qualità. Sono felice di poter collaborare con lui... 
Riccardo Botta, Head Coach Under 17 and Under 18 Kenya Football National Team

Dear Marek, Thank you so much for the booklets, they will really help me a lot. Thank in kindness.

Davies Phiri, goalkeeper coach Zambia national team

Thank you Marek for giving me these vast material for reading. I know that you will be one of lectures during next year GK conference. I hope to be there and we can meet together. Also, I will be thankful if you can send me and some goalkeeping materials. Thank you in advance.

Armen Ambartsumyan, goalkeper coach Beroe Stara Zagora (Bulgaria)

Thank you Grande Marek, as always kind and professional :) Greetings from London

Erion Meta, goalkeeper coach (Albania)

Thanks. I really apreciate it and I want to learn more as a goalkeeper, please me the exersise. Please me more they will realy help me to improve.

Denis Onyango, goalkeeper National Team Uganda

Marek is open-minded man of the world! As a keeper coach he always tries to look for new ways to improve himselfes further as a trainer. He has a wide network through out the world because he has been around the globe. He has a good ability to adapt to different kinds of learning. 

Jarkko Tuomisto, goalkeeper coach FC Honka (Finland), Aspire Academy (Qatar)

Thanks a lot. My regards to your family and team.

Djiman Waidi Koukou, midfielder National Team Benin

Thanks for your exercise.

Estanislau Gomes, goalkeeper National Team Guinea-Bissau

Thanks for your help. I agree and ill do every kind exercise that you to me.

Egha Putra Mahardika, goalkeeper National Team Indonesia U-16

Thank a lot brother.

Thiha Sithu, goalkeeper National Team Myanmar

I am very satisfied your work. I am very happy about you.

Mahinda Galagedara, goalkeeper coach National Team Sri Lanka U-19

Thank you that means a lot.

Pa Dembo Touray, goalkeeper National Team Gambia

Thanks a lot for this wonderfull opportunity giving to us, we welcome it and are ready to make good use of it since it will go a long way in development of the goalkeepers in my team and other goalkeepers as well.

Joojo Armah, owner Sporting Club Accra (Ghana)

Thank you very much sir. My team is playing second division and so far doing well I will let you know how we doing. Thanks again.

Sheridan Rudy Grosvenor, coach Compton United (Barbados)

That is great and I will be so proud to have that honor to set up a platform of profesionalism on this area. Ready to work with you Marek.

Iddi Abdul Salim, goalkeeper coach National Team Kenya

Thanks a lot. So I'll do my best.

Robert Odongkara, goalkeeper National Team Uganda

Thanks so much for your wonderful offer to our young Academy which is based in the highly impoverished African nation of Ghana.

Tom Osei Owusu, Prosperous Soccer Academy, Kumasi, Ghana

I want to come and play with your team.

Glenroy Samuel, goalkeeper National Team Trinidad & Tobago

All the boys of Malindi United are grateful for your special help and presents.

Riccardo Botta, director Malindi United (Kenya)

Thank you for the update in this regard, we are interested in partnering with you. I look forward to our future collaboration and partnership.

Jeff Malanga, manager Breakthrough Chiparamba Sports Academy Lusaka (Zambia)

Of course, yes Marek, we need you, your services would go a long way. Please let me hear from you should you be of any help to us. 

Mambud K. Samai (coordinator Single Leg Amputee Sport Club, Sierra Leone)

Hi Marek, I wish to once again thank you for the soccer dvd you sent me, keep that good work alive and may God shower you with the blessings.

Simon Wise Reuben Maboka, Director Wisesocceracademy Gaborone (Botswana)

Your work is really appreciable. I'll be feeling glad to get your exercise and the knowledge of goalkeeping... I can gain more good things from you and sare with my colleagues. Hope to get a positive response from you and I pray for God to meet you soon. God is with you.

Bikash Malla, goalkeeper National Team Nepal

I would appreciate any help that you can offer, and I will give you my feedback. My goal as a coach is to teach players to love and appreciate the game of football. Thank you.

Joseph Laanan, goalkeeper coach National Team Guam

Thank you very much coach. God bless you.

Patrick Tignyemb, goalkeeper National Team Cameroon

Good to hear from you am so much interested to be part of your programmed and am pleasures. Thanks

Ibrahim Mugisha, goalkeeper coach National Team Rwanda

It's good to here someone wants to help and it would be great and am pretty sure the players would love it too.

Kelvin Mengo, director Breaktrought Sports Academy Lusaka (Zambia)

Looking forward to know more about goalkeeping coaching from you. Keep me updated with your views. Would love to be part of your project.

Raghuvir Pravin Khanolkar, goalkeeper coach All India Football Federation (India)

Un placer Marek tener como amigo. Por supuesto que seguimos en contacto. Un abrazo con mucho amor desde Getafe.

Fidel Carron Basilio, goalkeeper coach Atlético de Madrid Féminas (Spain)

Thanks, Im ready to join you and I want to learn, assist me with your program. I want a coaching course, here in zambia we dont have goalkeepers course.

Kalumba Mpunga, goalkeeper coach Zanaco FC (Zambia)

Your idea sounds great. I became a goalkeeper on my own with barely any training so I believe that I can learn more. I always have questions and have nobody to ask.

Woodrow Wilson West, goalkeeper National Team Belize

I am interested to know more about the trainings and more about goalkeeper world.

Made Wirawan, goalkeeper National Team Indonesia

I am very pleased to meet you, I am very interested in what you say, we can work together to complete this dream.

Zhao Wei, goalkeeper National Team Hongkong

I will be happy working with you to improve goalkeepers here and to learn more from you. Many are called but only a few are chosen to take up and put on the gloves, am glad and happy to be a part of the chosen few, thank you.
Washingtone Muhanji, goalkeeper coach National Team Somalia

I'm very happy with you. And also your train is good and fun. I want to a best of goalkeeper and make all of people around me proud of me. Thanks for your support, thanks for your pray.

Kurnia Meiga Hermansyah, goalkeeper National Team Indonesia

You will be more than welcome to share you training skills and ideas with Me. I am always ready to learn. I think I will be happy to recieve tips from You. Thanks for your help in advance.

Villiam Amamoo, goalkeeper National Team Ghana

I'm very interested, and if you don't mind talk some more about the program or what you call a projected. Please i will love to here from you someday soon. Thank you coach and I'm very thankfull for all your time.

Nicky Salapu, goalkeeper National Team American Samoa

I would love to work with you so to improve certain aspects in my game. It will be also nice to programs for the goalkeeper. I will be looking forward to recieve usefull programs that will help me benefit and improve my game.

Tafadzwa Dube, goalkeeper National Team Zimbabwe

Thanks very much sir and thank for exercises for me. There are really helping me.

David Okello, goalkeeper National Team Kenya

Thanks brother, thanks a lot. I'm realy greet full to you. I'm also with you in future. God bless you. Take care.

Biplob Bhattacharjee, goalkeeper National Team Bangladesh

Thank you so much. It's always good to note there are people like you who give their time and effort for the development for the game. May god bless you. 

Edmore Sibanda, goalkeeper National Team Zimbabwe

Am so happy to reach you in this form just to tell you that I was so impressed with your notes on goalkeeping, I just have to download your notes and help them come up. 

Benjamin Jamuhuri, coach FC Victors Kampala, Uganda

Sure will be very happy about that, if you can do that for me. Because my main problem is that i don't have someone who is going to incorage for me.

Seedy Kunta, goalkeeper Sun City FC (Gambia)

Thanks Marek. I realy appreciate your help. One day an anything will help reach my goal.

Tashrique Goldman, goalkeeper Maritzburg United (South Africa)

Mr.Marek is a complete gentleman, hardworking, detailed, focus and a professional coach. He has contributed profoundly into my academy intellectually giving the team all the necessary techniques that the team needs to strive. He is always my best kind of 'brother' to work with.

Victor Essien, President Alvasto Soccer Academy (Nigeria)

Thank you for all.

Aziz Balogoun, goalkeeper National Team Benin

Thanks alot brother. I realy apraciate effort you are putting. Am ready for all which can come up. Blessed love my friend.

Hellings Mwakasungula, midfielder National Team Malawi

Its great that you are working as a goalkeeping coach. Mind you its a funny world - you try to stop goals and me I try to create goals. Keep in touch. Nice to talk about football. All best.

Martin Bidzinski, lead author World Class Coaching

Coach am very happy to hear from you. I like to learn more. Please me exercises for goalkeepers. Thank you alot for helping me out.

Tonny Okello, goalkeeper Kampala City Council FC (Uganda)


Thats a good idea. I have just accepted you. I'm very willing to learn and understand what you are doing. Thank so much my man. Goalkeepers World is fantastic man.

Nhlanhla Cebos Gwebu, goalkeeper National Team Suazi

Thanks and halo from Vanuatu

Chikau Mansale, goalkeeper National Team Vanuatu

I would be glad, if you could send me the exercises for goalkeeper since our training is on full swing. Once more thank you.

Jigme Singye, goalkeeper National Team Bhutan

Oui bonjour votre projet ma seduit et je pense que ces une bonne initiative.

Patrick Nyame, goalkeeper National Team Cameroon

I truly recommend Marek Dragosz as top professional, responsible and trustworthy. He established the Goalkeepers World that is internationally recognized. 

Amir Alagic,  Head Coach New Radiant (Maledives)

Thanks very much Coach. God bless you and with your family.

Joseph Musonda, defender National Team Zambia

Look forward to your exercises. Thank you for your help. 

Chad Harpur, goalkeeper Ajax Cape Town (South Africa)

Thanks for the info and I believe that's its a great idea and I will keep the link as I think this is an great opportunity for all goalkeepers and coaches. Thanks much.

Ralston Robinson, goalkeeper National Team Jamaica

Thanks for wishing me success and hope that you can share some of your experience in coaching. Anyway, hope that we can keep in touch, coach.

Kamarul Effandy Abdul Rahim, goalkeeper Sime Darby FC (Malaysia)

Hey there. It would be great to get a set of exercises. I would not mind at all and I'll be more than willing to give you a good reference.

Nigel Burgess, goalkeeper National Team Bermuda

Thank you !!! I wish you all the best which it meens health, success, happiness and many great saves.

Tuvi Cojocaru, goalkeeper Hapoel Rishon Le Zion (Israel)

Dakujem :-) Aj Vám veľa úspechov pri výchove mladých talentov :-)

Ján Slovenčiak, goalkeeper FC Spartak Trnava (Slovakia)

Thanks a lot. Looking forward to this and will be waiting to hear from you.

Kakonje Kalililo, goalkeeper National Team Zambia

Thank you brother. It’s a good idea. I am free you can sent anything at your disposal containing goalkeeping.

Ephraim Mopao Mazarura, goalkeeper FC Lupopo (Zimbabwe)

Thanks. Stay blessed all time and god be with you always.

Zondai Nyaungwa, goalkeeper Mbabane Highlanders (Suazi)

Im very happy and keep communicating any time you feel like. I love what you are doing and hope too benefit from you. Thanks alot love you and thanks for liking football hope together we will improve Africans soccer and Uganda in particular.

Kayemba Ssolo, Tripplestars Socceracademy, Kampala, Uganda

Greetings to benefit from your experience, of course I would like to infiltrate messages Waiting always.

Kayacan Erdoğan, goalkeeper Eskişehirspor (Turkey)

I admire your work. It would be án honor for me to participate in this project. I am now training young goalkeepers in Iceland.

Fjalar Þorgeirsson, goalkeeper National Team Iceland

Thanks Marek I just want you to see me in action.

Athiel Mbaha, goalkeeper National Team Namibia

Thanks coach. I will be trying them out getting back to you. Please I will be more than happy to stay in touch.

Abel  Dhaira, goalkeeper National Team Uganda

Marek is an execptional workaholic and an ameable and amicable friend of mine, his work ethics is second to none.He is the best sportman i have ever worked with all my life and i recommend him to any club, organization or association for effective work. Marek is a trustworthy Soccer ambassador. 

Emmanuel Francis, Elite Sport (Nigeria)

It is a pleasure for me if you can send exercises for the goalkeeper for me.

Marcello Pisas, goalkeeper National Team Curaçao

I admire your idea. Goalkeepers in Ethiopia need you.

Binyam Habtamu, goalkeeper National Team Ethiopia

Thank you very much for the assurance given. Im still counting on your usual co-operation.

Ishmael Quashie Amegatsey, goalkeeper coach Volta Soccer Link Academy (Ghana)

Merci beaucoup d'avoir pensé à moi. Je suis je même avis avec vous. Et partagé mes idée avec les autre gardiens de but. Je suis content de votre projet je suis prêt à aprendre avec vous. Mais j'aide beaucoup les autres gardiens de but.

Adama Diarra, goalkeeper National Team Burkina Faso


Glenroy Samuel, goalkeeper National Team Trinidad and Tobago

This sounds like a very good initiative. That would be great if you could send me your goalkeeping drills. I'm still learning my trade and i wanna get better at it.

Glenson Prince, goalkeeper National Team Dominica

Thanks a lot for your great job for the keepers in the world.

David Loria, goalkeeper Kazachstan National Team

So I was amazed and eager for tips and anything that can help me to be better.

Jamal Jeffers, goalkeeper National Team Saint Kitts and Nevis

Marek se lo agradeceria, me gusta entrenar y conocer ejercicios de portero nuevos, siempre quiero aprender mas y mas, nunca es tarde para seguir aprendiendo, le agradesco por tu amabilidad, muchas gracias.

Cristian Fittipaldi, goalkeeper Boca Juniors Mar del Plata (Argentyna) 

For now am in Nigeria playing for my team here. I hope to here from you soon.

Fabiyi Olaniyi Emanuel, goalkeeper Bayelsa United (Nigeria)

I really appreciate ! I'm intrested in learning goalkeeper with you.

Hyrulnizam Jumaat, goalkeeper Armed Forces (Singapur)

I would like to thank you, Marek for your time and your assistance. Our club appreciated, valued your presence and hope to learn more from you. 

Ernst Tjihenuna, secretary Ondjiripumua City FC (Namibia) 

It is easy to see that Marek knows what he wants in life. He has incredible ambition for such a young man and with that sort of drive and determination and a bit of luck. 

George Anyanwu, Team Leader Premier Stars Football Club (Nigeria)

I think it is great working closely with you. I am happy you can send us the goalkeeeping sessions so that our goal keepers can benefit from that.

Gladman Dimbiri, director Maningi FC (Zimbabwe)

It help alot it help get better thanks alot. I will like some more exercises if you can and agian. Thanks alot for your help.

Kendrick Dania, goalkeeper National Team Aruba

Bonjour, ok ça a l'air intéressant, de même que nous avons besoin de développer une cellule "entrainement des gardiens de but" à Tahiti, qui constitue une de nos principales faiblesses. 

Gilbert Meriel, goalkeeper Tahiti National Team Tahiti

Marek is all about details and perfection. He spends hours trying to gain that extra inch and help his players train just that little bit better than everybody else. His knowledge, in goalkeeping, is humongous, more than anyone I have ever known.  

Asit Ganguli,  Editor-in-Chief at India's first Football Magazine

I know you can help me my friend. I see you are so dedicate with the goalkeepers. And I'm lovin it.

Pieter Jarzinho, goalkeeper National Team Curacao 

Really make a big difference in my career as a sport player and a goalie, you are a star i really salute for what you are doing for me. You have your worth in the goalkeeper department for me, you did a great job. Im the best because of you.

Barolong Lemmenyane, goalkeeper National Team Botswana

Hi there, very interested and thanks for the consideration. Thanks again and look forward to reading your material. 

Dean Byfield, goalkeeper National Team Montserrat  

Thanks i am very greatful and happy to hear this. Thanks a lot I really appreciate, I got the studies you sent to me. God bless you, God bless Poland. You are such a nice person.

Kush O. Gideon, director Kush FC Lagos (Nigeria)

Thats very interesting my brother and I wil be very glad to be working with someone like you. Thats perfect for me i will be very happy and honoured to be the ambassador of your project. 

Jacob Mokhasi, goalkeeper National Team South Africa

Thanks Mr. Marek, just like I said when I first interacted with you that we are more than willing to learn and be part of your large group of beneficiaries from your vast experience and knowledge. 

Tembo Mabvuto Mubanga, director Lutanda Soccer Academy Lusaka (Zambia)

I thank you for your hospitality and your generosity. Just your kindness words and ready to help us as a team I kindly ask you to send me the goalkeeping skills. Really God Bless you for your good hard work. 

Fadhil Mohammed Bayusuf, president Congo United FC (Kenya)

With regards to you visiting Cameroon, it will be a good thing for us to work that out.

Joseph Dinga, president FC Bamenda (Cameroon)

Thanks for your exercise. I really like.

Estanislau Gomes, goalkeeper Guinea Bissau National Team

We would welcome your publication and would look at the possibility of implementing it at our academy. Although it might be expensive for you to get out here, it would be fantastic if at some point you can visit us.

Craig Hepburn, president African Brothers Football Academy (South Africa)

Thank you sir! We are blessed to have you! May you always be blessed and protected!

Omar Davids, Head Coach ECCL Escola Cape Town (South Africa)

Thank you Marek. Well we are grateful of your will to assist. We accept it. Nice reading from you. We hope some good will come out of our relationship with you. I assure you of my best attention in all matters.

Abdul Hayye-Yartey, director Cheetah Football Club Kasoa (Ghana)

Nameste Marek (nepali word for greeting). We would be happy to see you here in Nepal, we hope you may come to visite our country, its really nice to see you in person and more over we can work in football develop in Nepal too. I hope you will give valuable suggestion.

Kumar Thapa, director Kathmandu Academy of Football (Nepal)

Je suis un gardien de but l equipe national junior du Burkina Faso. J'ai travail dur en esperen un jour realise mes reves qui es de devenir pro pour cela J'ai besion de vous soutien. Bonne suite.

Lassane Nikiema, goalkeeper U-20 National Team Burkina Faso

Thank you, I will be very grateful to meet you and to show you my club and players... Thank you very much.

Franklin Adofo Clinton, director Kalisto Sporting Club Accra (Ghana)

Thanks coach. This means a lot to me. I think this might help me reach my goals coach thanks again.

Boalefa Pule, goalkeeper U-19 National Team South Africa

Mr. Dragosz, thanks for the exercises, I've read them all, they are very good, I like them.

Sigeurd Obispo, goalkeeper National Team Curaçao 

Sound interesting and an opportunity to improve my keeping career. I will be awaiting the exercises and goal keeping training. Thanks for your assistance and will love to help the younger persons in my country and where ever I can....

Micah Hilton, goalkeeper National Team Montserrat

I will be grateful to receive. It will enhance the capability of our goalkeeper.

Dino Gilmore, director AACC FC Lagos (Nigeria)

Thanks so much Marek. I like your project

Vladimir Niyonkuru, goalkeeper National Team Burundi 

I will love to have an experience of what you have to offer about Goalkeeping, becuase am a young keeper growing up, had played in different categories national teams in my country. Your project would be highly appreciated.

Christopher Allen, goalkeeper U-19 National Team Gambia

Thanks lot Marek. Im honored to be in this means a lot to me.

Thokozani Mkhulisi, goalkeeper National Team Suazi

Goalkeeping is what I do best. Any opportunities there Marek, I'm more than ready. Thanks for all this support towards this. I really appreciate, all goes well, am so great full. I'm glad I can be part of this world! A special thank you.

Thomas Muruka, goalkeeper U-19 National Team Uganda

Im good with that. Way to go Marek

Godwin Buule, goalkeeper National Team Uganda

Thanks alot. It will be of great help to my team.

Ben Tito Benbella, coach Madiwa FC (Kenya)


I love to learn goalkeeper training. Thanks. Teach me some goalkeepers tips.

Hari Gurung, goalkeeper National Team Bhutan

I will be glad if you send me some exercise goalkeeping because i would like to play in some good team as professional. Im interested in your project because here in Mauritius we goalkeeper in football is not professional. 

Aboo Bakar Augustin, goalkeeper National Team Mauritius

I want to be able to improve my ability to be a good goalkeeper with my assets and my country. Months of your contribution will really do me good. 

Armel Koulara, goalkeeper National Team Chad

Thanks so much Coach Marek. Looking forward to meet in you in person. I love you.

Daniel Precious, coach Crown FC (Nigeria)

I glad you linked to your project. I also trained as a goalkeeper coach. And I want to say I'm interested in your project. I'd like to work with you because here in Cameroon there are many talented young goalkeeper.

Salomon Mboyong, coach Light Soccer Academy (Kamerun)

Thanks Marek, I am so happy for your message and love for Goalkeepers and Football at large. I am in Ukraine, Ternopil Region and I believe am close to you at Poland. I am ready for your partnership and to be part of your project.

Adedeji Sunday Akintayo, president Desson Football Academy (Nigeria / Ukraina)

I am so sure this will work well for me and other local goalkeepers whom I can also share and work with. I believe together we can make better goalkeepers and improve in a big way. Thank you very much. Looking foward to a good working relationship between us.

Artwell Mukandi, goalkeeper National Team Zimbabwe

Sir am intrested to learn more from you. Thanks coach.

Jacob Banda, goalkeeper Zesco United FC (Zambia)

I’m very happy to discuss with you.

Daouda Kassaly, goalkeeper National Team Niger

Sí los vi en mi correos los trabajos son muy interesantes. Muchas gracias eso siempre estaré pendiente de la página o lo que em pueda enviar usted. 

Jose Calderon Frias, goalkeeper National Team Panama 

Thank you mr. Marek. Everything you told me is ok and I accepted. Things wich I want is you to help me more and more because I want to learn more and get experience from you. To share ideals is power and you to show me the way how I can succeed on this project. I’m happy to join on this project just to improve my profesional keeping. 

Ivo Mapunda, goalkeeper National Team Tanzania

I'm very interested in this project. I would much appreciate if you send me some of your training programmes.

Godfrey Baniau, goalkeeper National Team Papua New Guinea

I do have a passion for training the youth and would love to explore your idea further. Please send me any more information that you have.

Steward Ceus, goalkeeper National Team Haiti 

Coach thank you. I think also you give me more works to make good perfomance because I need to learn and training each day. 

Koami Afanwoke, goalkeeper National Team Togo

Thanks . I also like to help goalkeepers to improve their skills. Am happy to join the program. My target is to be a good GK coach after retirement. I think it will help to improve me and goalkeepers in Maldives. Thanks and greet you

Imran Mohamed, goalkeeper National Team Maldives

lm so delighted, so glad to hear from you. l have been waiting for this lovely opportunity in my life to have someone who has that ability to improve my talent because lm so ambitious. l hope this is God's will in my life so let it be done. 

Willard Manyatera, goalkeeper National Team Zimbabwe and Clube Ferroviário da Beira (Mozambique)

Thanks mate for your proven tips. Thats use full on training sessions. Thank you very much.

Suraj Jung Moktan, goalkeeper National Team Nepal

I'd be very interested to help out. Looking forward to hearing from you. I hope I can help when I can. 

Syed Adney, goalkeeper National Team Malaysia 

Goalkeeping by Whales has the good fortune to have the Worldwide Respected innovator GK & Educator to anyone, anywhere at anytime. Marek, thank you for coming and Goalkeeping to Whales applauds your long-time GK brilliance that you 'share the world and it hopes you find a refreshing view of Goalkeeping here... Welcome

Kevin Whalen, founder of Goalkeeping by Whales

Thank you so much for all these practices exercices. It will help us so much.

Viye Konate, president FC Entente de Sedhiou (Senegal)

Muchas gracias Marek se le agradece su apoyo Dios me le siga bendiciendo.

Anibal Orozco, goalkeeper coach Futsal National Team Panama U-23

Marek, I see this project - intresting. So anything that you need - let me know. Nice to know you.

Miguel Starling Lloyd Troncoso, goalkeeper National Team Dominican Republic


I can see you have an extensive background in the game at a high level. Would like to develop of you and hear some more information. Thanks for your time.

Brentton Muhammad, goalkeeper National Team Antigua and Barbuda

I would be honored and thank you in advance.

Jean Sylveste, goalkeeper National Team Sint Maarten


Greetings, I’m always open to learn new things so yeah that’d be good..

Rishison Frans, goalkeeper National Team Bonaire


Thats so wonderdul. Thanks! Im always following you. Keep on for a good work.

Maximilian Mbaeva, goalkeeper National Team Namibia


Good day Marek... I have just been given the task to coach my national team keepers... So any help I can get would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Randy Poleon, goalkeeper National Team St. Lucia


Coach good evening its a pleasure for me to read you i need help and hope you will try your best for it.

Hugues Donald Biloa, goalkeeper coach Renaissance Football Club de Ngoumou (Cameroon)


Very interesting to see your studies.

Corrin Brooks-Meade, goalkeeper National Team Montserrat


Thank you for the discussion. I hope I had always someone watching the training sessions and talk about it after it was great! Big hug and keep up the good work!

Fernando Ferreira, goalkeeper coach Benfica Lisboa (Portugal)


I've looked at many of the things you do and I think you are doing a fantastic thing helping the children and others who are not as fortunate as ourselves. Much respect to you and let's keep in touch.

Ian Walker, goalkeeper coach Shanghai SIPG (China)


Thank you for reaching out to me. I would greatly appreciate. Sometimes goalkeepers get left behind and I am glad there are coaches like you willing to help.

Ramon Sealy, goalkeeper National Team Cayman Islands


Thats great, Im willing to learn...

Charles Lepani, goalkeeper National Team Papua New Guinea


You seem like a guy with a big network. I would love to make a move to Asia football wise.

Yousouf Butt, goalkeeper National Team Pakistan


Thanks mate. I would love that.

Dario Weir, goalkeeper National Team Barbados


Hey Marek. Im really inspired from this camp.  I'm keen for advice and help.

Keegan Inia, goalkeeper National Team Cook Islands


Thank you Marek. You are welcome to send them sir.

Michael Pepukani, goalkeeper National Team Botswana


Sounds good, Im sharing interest.

Javid Joseph, goalkeeper National Team Antigua and Barbuda


Yes I would love that Sir because I have some many talented keepers in my country.

Nhlanhla Gwebu, goalkeeper National Team Swaziland


As you know goalkeeping is unlike any other position it requires a lot of attention and here in Jamaica we don't have qualified coaches to help teach the fundamentals to our keeper. The fact that you even offered some assistance is appreciated. Thanks.

Donovan Ricketts, goalkeeper National Team Jamaica


Thank you very much Coach. God bless you.

Robin Jean Claude Rakotonirina, goalkeeper National Team Madagascar


Thank you Sir, Im so grateful.

Watenga Isma, goalkeeper National Team Uganda


So I'm greatful to have you my coach also as I can used those skill to this new generation here. And I'm okay with what you think. And thankful to you sir.

Tarariki Tarotu, goalkeeper National Team Kiribati


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